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climbou deska
Climbou Desk
We will produce within 4 weeks

Climbou desk is suitable as an accessory for Climbou triangle or Spectra rocker. It becomes an inclined plane or a balance beam. The desk is smooth on one side and there are 6...

utukutu climbou schody88
Climbou Steps
We will produce within 4 weeks

Stairs. To climb these stairs for us adults is an uninteresting skill. Try to think about all the acts our bodies have to perform to do that next time you climb up or down any...

utukutu utupeg
Holder Utupeg
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Utupeg is a wall mount holder that guarantees that you can dance on the floor in the evening instead of jumping over Utukutu. You simply screw this accessory into the...

Children cook
Children cook
Ordered from the supplier

Picture cards Children cook brings a set of simple recipes that even children can handle. The set contains a total of 14 recipes for preparing meals from breakfast to...

Stojánek na tužky a pastelky (Barva Natur, Velikost 6 otvorů)
In Stock (3 ks)

Pencil holder is an add-on to your or kids desk. Arrange your writing, painting or other needs neatly on the desk. Everything will be clear, always at hand. You can also use the...

In Stock (3 ks)

A pillow as an accessory for your Utukutu Rockerboards or Swingou. It is soft, pleasant and comfortable. It holds perfectly on the Utukutu...

houpacka spectra kategorie
Spectra Rocker
In Stock

Spectra rocker is a multifunctional Montessori toy, which stimulates the senses, awakens imagination, strengthens muscles and promotes...

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