About us

We have been manufacturing UTUKUTU products in a small joinery workshop on the outskirts of Prague since 2014.

Colourful wooden toys that develop kids' movement and fantasy. Most importantly, kids enjoy playing with our toys very much.

We also have a team of own children at Utukutu, counting 12, who help us try out and test everything carefully.




Why Utukutu?

  • Quality is the most important for us. Our philosophy goes against today's stereotype. We create toys that will last for years. We can guarantee that hanks to choosing and working with high-quality materials. 
  • We keep safety on top of our minds. Utukutu toys are regularly tested in an accredited institute for testing and certification of toys and they comply with the strictest EU norms
  • Family manufacture allows us to personalise your orders. We have the opportunity to see to every fan of Utukutu. We can give you our attention even in otherwise fast-paced world.
  • We are able to manufacture almost any wish or idea you come up with. And we are glad that you are not afraid to ask.
  • Utukutu is timeless and functional. Our ideas and designs are worked into the last detail so that beautiful and functional products can be created and used for many years. Your kids' kids can be inheriting them if you give them proper care.
  • We are ecological. That is a standard today, isn't it? Our toys are manufactured from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Packaging is fully recyclable. We use only high-quality certified and ecological oils, paints and varnishes that comply with the EN 71 norm. The glues used at Utukutu are bought from reputable European manufacturers and are as well certified as safe for the smallest children.
  • We collaborate with specialists for healthy kids' movement - recreologists, physiotherapists, athletes, ...
  • For collaborations we choose stores and brands that have similar worldview as us.
  • By buying Utukutu you support people who love craft and make it into beautiful forms for their own kids. The form of the toys that combine a piece of nature with some positive energy.


Since the first rockerboard until now we have been securing the whole manufacture on our own, we design and test all our products. We improve our products, check and pack them and then ship them to you. And since the first rockerboard we haven't stopped liking our jobs. 

Utukutu influenced our lives very much. It was founded thanks to our kids and their needs. We love our products and their manufacturing. And we enjoy seeing kids use Utukutu with their open minds and endless fantasy.


Check our STORE to explore our toys and aids.


Utukutu won many awards: The right toy, Entrepreneur of the year 2017, Forbes (January 2018), Woudies appear in the Mimino play in the Theatre Minor, award Mom of the Year - Entrepreneur category 2019, Czech Goodwill 2019


Selection of interesting articles:

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We are waving hello from Utukutu and thank you for your support.

We have been adding medallions about the Utukutu crew on Facebook, you can read the medallions here.


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