climbou triangle 1
Climbou Triangle
We will produce within 4 weeks

Climbou triangle is an aid inspired by the teachings of Emmi Pikler. It stimulates children's motor development. The triangle helps children learn to concentrate on it and...

houpacka spectra kategorie
Spectra Rocker
In Stock

Spectra rocker is a multifunctional Montessori toy, which stimulates the senses, awakens imagination, strengthens muscles and promotes...

Učící věž Kidhelper (Barva Natur)
Learning tower Kid helper
We will produce within 4 weeks

The Kid Helper was developed with regard to functionality, safety, but also design and space. It is safe, looks great and it won’t take up too much...

utukutu climbou chyty
Climbou Grips
In Stock (>5 set)

Complete Climbou desk with climbing holds. Thanks to them, after exchanging straight spruces for grips, the board becomes a climbing wall.

In Stock

Did you know that kids have to first learn to balance before they can move on to more complicated and complex motor skills such as climbing...

utukutu swallow
Balanceboard Swallow
We will produce within 4 weeks

Special waves enable levelling difficulty. Utukutu Swallow balance board is designed for both children and adults. It brings fun to the whole family. Swallow balanceboard...

utukutu woudie gravir lapac
XL rockerboard Woudie
We will produce within 4 weeks

Woudie XL is a rockerboard adapted in size and curve for older childern and adults. The curve was tested and it promotes healthy stance and correct position of large and small...

swingou 01
Textile swing Swingou
In Stock (1 ks)

Swingou is a collection of hanging textile swings that in combination with the Rockerboards change into a rocking chair designed for interiors.We...

utukutu nastenne hodiny
Utu Clock
In Stock (>5 ks)

Individual details create the whole atmosphere of an interior. Clocks created in the Utukutu workshop with looks suitable for both children and adults. You...

utukutu chůdicky
In Stock (3 ks)

Wooden stilts are suitable for walking children and their playful parents. Stilts develop motor skills, balance, and arms and feet coordination. They strengthen muscles, aid...

utukutu mekoucko kategori
Softie for Spectra
In Stock (3 ks)

Softie. Soft mattress for the Spectra rocker. It is tailor-made. You put it between the Spectra sides, so that it rests on them all along and the soft nest is...

utukutu roll
Utu Roll
We will produce within 4 weeks

We created the Utukutu Roll with the youngest children in mind. It is suitable for children who are already crawling on their bellies. Roll stimulates their senses - gross motor...

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